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Stone Brewing Sues Big Beer to Reclaim Brand
BeerQwestBrian   February 13, 2018  
This week Stone Brewing filed a lawsuit against KeyStone maker, MillerCoors. Alleging that the company has employed deceptive, copycat marketing of Keystone Light....
Thompson Brewery & Eatery
BeerQwestBrian   September 21, 2017  
A little over two years ago, one of Riverside’s more popular breweries quietly went dark. It all started with the crackpot idea by...
Wicks Brewing Company Celebrates 4 Years
BeerQwestBrian   April 26, 2017  
Wicks Brewing Company is celebrating four righteous years of making and pouring craft beer. Not only have they given their brand a facelift with a fresh logo, they're also...
Edible Six Pack Ring
BeerQwestBrian   May 19, 2016  
Americans drank 6.3 million gallons of beer last year, 50% from cans. Most of those plastic six-pack rings end up in the ocean. Even though we've solved huge problems;...
Last Name Brewing
JohnnyQ   May 01, 2016  
UPLAND, Calif. – On May 1 this year, Upland-based microbrewery Dale Bros Brewery changed its name to Last Name Brewing. Established in 2003 by Brewmaster Curt...
The Propagator, Firestone Walker spreads to Venice
JohnnyQ   April 04, 2016  
Venice, CA—After three years of anticipation, Firestone Walker Brewing Company’s new Propagator campus in Venice, California will open its doors in April, with limited evening hours starting on April...
I&I’s 4th Anniversary Party
BeerBaron   February 25, 2016  
I&I, the impressive little brewery from Chino, invited us to their 4th anniversary party, and we were more than happy to accept. Eric, Chuck, and Chris, the I&I partners,...
46 results - showing 1 - 10  
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