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Adam Carolla’s Endless Rant

Adam Carolla’s Endless Rant


Adam Carolla, radio and TV personality and Godfather to the podcast revolution, has recently enjoyed success with his signature ready-to-drink cocktail, Mangria. So much so, that the Aceman has teamed up with local LA brewery, King Harbor Brewing Co. to create a signature brew. Playing off Carolla’s loquacious thoughts on any particular topic, Endless Rant IPA seemed to be the perfect name for this new beer.

Chris Laxamana, and his band, Laxi

BeerQwest was fortunate to be invited to the release party of Endless Rant IPA, in Redondo Beach, at King Harbor Brewing Co. Friends and family of the the Adam Carolla Show (ACS) and Carolla Drinks were in attendance, as well as local craft beer media. Bryan Bishop, craft beer enthusiast, as well as sound effects guy on ACS, and host of the popular film review podcast, The Film Vault, was enjoying a fresh pint, along with various Carolla lackies, including Caelan Biehn and Gary Smith. Chris Laxamana, and his band, Laxi, were setting the craft beer ambiance with their passionate yet mellow sound, which complimented the event nicely.

Adam Carolla's Endless Rant IPA
Endless Rant IPA’s hop profile consists of mostly Azacca hops with Cascade and Columbus, creating a dry IPA, which was balanced out by the subtly sweet malt notes. The English barley malts help define this beer's body and malty flavor. With this being said, this is not an IPA that is only geared towards hop heads, because of the balance this brew possesses, this is a beer that can be enjoyed by anyone. Endless Rant IPA is available in 22oz. bottles now, go to for more info on availability.

Tasting Notes:
Mostly Azacca (tropical, mango, fruity) and Cascade (citrus, grapefruit, floral) with a little bit of Columbus (citrus, spicy).   

The Endless Rant IPA base malt is mostly standard barley malt with a little bit of English barley malt. The English malt gives the beer a little more body and malt flavor. The specialty malts are light caramel malt, and a malt called "honey malt" that has a distinct honey flavor.

Short Description:
The Endless Rant was designed to have the hop profile that Adam wanted and also have a balanced malt backbone. We made the beer slightly sweeter than most of the super dry IPAs that are coming out nowadays. This makes the beer more balanced and gives it a broader appeal. In other words, you don't have to be a crazy hophead / IPA freak to enjoy this beer. Non-IPA drinkers will enjoy this beer because of its balance. IPA fans will also enjoy this beer because of awesome hop profile that was designed by Adam.

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Adam Carolla’s Endless Rant
Adam Carolla’s Endless Rant
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